Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Story of This Blog

This blog actually started about 3 years ago while I still lived in Brazil, and of course, it was in portuguese. I wrote it as a young high school student and then I moved to America and became "too busy". Time just passed by and surely enough it has been 3 years since I last posted something.

 I started my freshman year at Cornell University in August 2013, which is HUGE blessing from God. If you're familiar at all with Cornell, you know it's a pretty huge campus, so I walk about 15 minutes to class everyday. Last semester, as I walked I frequently saw pens and pencils on the floor and I would always pick them up (most of them were fully functioning). I didn't think much of it until I finally heard the Holy Spirit say "Why do you think I'm putting all these writing utensils your way?" and suddenly I understood and thought "Oh! You want me to write!" And that's exactly what it was.

So I decided to obey, and I started to set up the blog and I told my mom I was reviving my blogging days. Nevertheless, it is now the second semester of my freshman year and I still have not posted anything new. It's the whole "too busy" thing again. It's also a lot of "Oh, I don't know where to start" and a lot of "during such and such break I'll write a lot!" But see, God told me to write and I said I would, yet I didn't. It's like Matthew 21:28-31 I don't want to be the servant who says he will obey but really disobeys.

You know, I constantly ask for God to use me, yet when He told me to do something as simple as write down my experiences with Him on a blog I take 6 months to do it! It's actually ridiculous. If I'm not faithful with the small things, how will He trust me with bigger tasks? (Matthew 25:23)

God will not allow His work to go unfinished. If I didn't write this blog, God would use someone else to do it, but I know that I would have to give account of my disobedience. This truth became very vivid yesterday night as I listened to John Bevere (I'll probably be mentioning him a lot) preach on his book "Driven by Eternity" and I realized how my delayed obedience would cause me to lose an opportunity to serve the God I love. The thought shook me to my very core.

 So here I am, the very next day, finally obeying. And it's not that I suddenly have time on my hands. In fact, I have an exam I need to be studying for. But when God tells me to do something, He wants obedience regardless of my schedule. I sincerely hope that what I post will be helpful to someone. If not, at least I'll have obeyed.

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